Recent Calls
Sun. Jan 26th 2020
Called for a two vehicle accident with injuries spring run road Two people transported to SVH
Thu. Jan 2nd 2020
Called to asstist resident with power outage due to land slide on Mcgovern blvd
Fri. Mar 22nd 2019
False Alarm Resident sanding plaster set off alarm
Wed. Mar 20th 2019
Space Heater On fire exstingished by resident light smoke condition
Tue. Mar 19th 2019
Faulty Detector
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Welcome to The Crescent Township Volunteer Fire Department. 



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Vote YES on the firefighter referendum on May 18th!

Crescent Township Volunteer Fire Department (CTVFD) responds to approximately 100 calls a year. This can range from structure fires, vehicle accidents, to water incidents. For this we maintain two Class 2 pumpers, a Rescue-Pumper, a tanker, a dive trailer and tow vehicle, two water rescue boats and a command/utility vehicle to protect our township and the water and railways that run through it.

Outside of the normal expenses of maintaining our building and the trucks with expenses like utilities, fuel, keeping the pumps in top working order to ensure fires can be put out. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment on those trucks that must also be maintained and replaced when life expectancy is exceeded to ensure our fire fighters are safe when they respond to an incident.

Along with the trucks and equipment we must outfit our firefighters. The helmet, bunker coat and pants, boots and gloves can range between $3,000 and $5,000 and the air pack used to enter building is ~$7,500. This gear also has a shelf life and must be replaced to ensure it provides the protection needed.

We have a relatively small group of active firefighters that are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect the residents of Crescent Township. We take time out of our lives to train and respond when our residents need us. Now we are asking our residents to support our need for additional funding through a small tax increase.

Fund raising, raffles and donations only go so far to cover operating expenses for us.

What does this mean to you the resident?? Here is a real example of how one resident would be affected:

Currently fire coverage is set at 0.5mil, CTVFD is asking for an additional 0.5 for a total of 1mil for fire coverage.

Actual resident example:

Current 0.5mil = Home assessed value $168,800.00 pays $82.61 a year for fire coverage 

With the additional 0.5mil increase to 1mil = Home assessed value $168,800.00 pays $165.22 a year for fire coverage.

This resident also pays $229.94 per year for trash collection. For less money than trash collection you receive a group of people who will respond day or night during adverse conditions to protect you, your family, and your property.

So please vote yes on the firefighter referendum on May 18th.



Accepting Applications          

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"Due to the COVID  Pandemic and Recent Restrictions The Event Center is Available For Reduced Capacity Rentals" 

For reservations please email the Fire Department 



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79 McGovern Blvd.

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